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Senior Manager Law Enforcement & Security Division

Tim Connors is the Senior Manager in the Law Enforcement and Security Division of CAAS, LLC in New York City. He brings more than 25 years of practical experience and theoretical study in analyzing security challenges and designing and leading organizational responses to overcome them.

Prior to joining CAAS, he managed his own consulting firm, which helped both domestic and foreign clients in law enforcement, security, defense and the diplomatic sectors understand 21st century threats and adopt strategies for thwarting them. He also served as the Director of the Center for Policing Terrorism at the Manhattan Institute. In this capacity, he provided consulting and education services to state and local police agencies (including the NYPD, LAPD and New Jersey State Police) on terrorism, counter terrorism, intelligence and homeland security.

His work with law enforcement is an extension of his professional study and experience as an Army officer, where his service includes a tour in Afghanistan. He currently commands a Civil Affairs battalion in the Army Reserve. A graduate of West Point, Tim also holds business and law degrees from the University of Notre Dame and is licensed to practice law in New York State.

by Tim Connors

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