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E-Discovery and Risk Management

E-Discovery Processing
We provide electronic discovery services that enable you to quickly and accurately process the vast amounts of data common in today's discovery projects.

Our experience working with large projects involving terabytes of data helps you organize and categorize electronic documents through processing, de-duplication, culling and clustering. This process leaves only the most relevant documents for initial review.

Our services include:
  • Processing structured and unstructured electronically stored information
  • Extracting metadata from documents
  • Un-zipping and decompressing files
  • De-Nisting
  • De-duplicating and near de-duplicating documents across or within custodian
  • Expanding email attachments while maintaining family relationships
  • Filtering documents by date, search terms and file types
  • Analyzing and clustering similar documents together to accelerate review times
  • Importing documents into the review tool of your choice
  • Converting documents to TIFF files for export and production
  • Implementing extensive quality control measures in all aspects of processing


Alysia Solow