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E-Discovery and Risk Management

With rapidly expanding corporate document repositories, it is even more important to find innovative ways to speed the review process, while ensuring a legally defensible process. CAAS analytics processing is a powerful tool to achieve a high quality, cost effective review.

Through a variety of analytical techniques we are able to classify and cluster documents in ways that significantly accelerate the ability to identify the most relevant documents at the onset of a case. Each subset or 'cluster' of documents shares the same themes or concepts, allowing you to quickly find the information you are looking for. This enables reviewers to speed through, or even bulk code, irrelevant documents and allows the legal team to concentrate its resources on the most relevant clusters. The end result is a highly efficient and consistent work product.

After documents have been clustered, they can be uploaded to any review tool that you choose. We have complete vendor independence, which enables you to use the vendor that you prefer and the cost you choose. Throughout the process we work closely with you to provide the results of the analysis in terms you can understand and then adjust our metrics to best achieve the results that you are looking for.

Our analytics process also allows for:
  • Transactional Analysis of Structured Data.
  • Pattern and Anomaly Detection - Especially useful in investigations, documents are analyzed and grouped to show common patterns. This allows for anomaly detection, where we find any breaks in the patterns that may indicate a larger issue.
  • Metadata Analysis - Descriptive analysis of important metadata fields.
  • Email Communication Patterns - Unprecedented insight into how important parties have discussed critical issues related to the case.


Alysia Solow