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"Prisons: In Jail, But Not Sentenced"
Americas Quarterly / Winter 2013
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"DNA Can Boost NY Justice"
NY Post / January 10, 2012
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"Keeping Ourselves in Check"
The Brian Lehrer Show / November 4, 2011
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"Mass Murders at Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood and Tucson all Used 'Legal' High Capacity Clips"
NY Daily News.com / by Joanna Molloy, March 9, 2011
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"City Should Help Judicial System"
Daily News / January 22, 2008
In this Op-Ed published in the Daily News, Richard Aborn addresses some key concerns that confront judges in New York State. The first is that they are vastly underpaid. Second, they are also placed in the uncomfortable position of having to raise money to run in judicial campaigns. This often means raising money from the very constituency over which they will judge if elected. The Op-Ed argues that not only should judges receive a substantial raise, but that public financing should be used to finance judicial campaigns to reduce the negative impact of money on judicial elections.
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"Juvie Crime Wave Could Bring Rising Violent Tide"
Daily News / October 1, 2006
In this op-ed published in the New York Daily News, Richard Aborn notes that while violent crime in New York and nationally has remained relatively flat, there are disturbing signs that a sharp rise in juvenile crime could be a harbinger of another crime wave, unless preventive measures are taken. Aborn explains that while policing has made enormous strides forward in the last ten years, federal assistance is needed to help maintain low crime rates. Regrettably, many of the interventions instituted 10 years ago have been allowed to lapse, or have been actually reversed.
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"DNA: Connect N.Y. Dots"
In this op-ed published in the New York Post, Richard Aborn argues that New York State should expand its database of criminal DNA to encompass all convicted offenders. Doing so would enable law enforcement across the state to maximize the value of DNA as a crime-fighting resource, helping to solve crimes and prevent new ones from occurring.
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"Time to End Recidivism"
In this article published online by The Nation, Richard M. Aborn argues that the recent release of Martha Stewart from prison should focus attention to the issue of recidivism as a major social problem. While Stewart faced an easy transition back into her successful career, most men and women released from prison experience much greater difficulties, resulting in 67 percent of former inmates ending up back in jail again.
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"Gambling: Who's Really at Risk?"
The new CAAS report "Gambling: Who's Really at Risk? The Connection Between Gambling And Crime" examines the links between gambling and criminal activity in communities where casinos have been introduced. Looking at a wide range of sources, the report finds that "Many respected scholars, researchers and law enforcement officials have determined that the introduction of casino gambling into a community has a significant impact on crime... not just locally, but in the surrounding region as well."
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