Our Clients are Our Credentials

E-Discovery and Risk Management

Project Management
Our goal is to streamline the complex process of discovery and document review. We want to use our skills and institutional knowledge to help you reduce the cost and time that accompany discovery requests. Our responsiveness is unparalleled. Our mission is to communicate each step of the way to ensure the process runs smoothly and you are apprised of our progress.

CAAS was founded with the goal of finding and utilizing the best technology for the job and discovering creative solutions for complex problems. And because we are vendor neutral we can work with you on whatever platform you choose.

To achieve this goal, we employ a team of experienced project managers, each with multiple skill-sets, to closely work with you in order to understand your goals and get it right the first time. Having worked on many large discovery projects, our managers have the knowledge necessary to advise you of your options and ensure the best strategy for any given matter. They will work with you from the beginning to create timelines and deliverables to ensure that the project gets done on time and within budget, with unmatched quality control at every stage. We know that in this industry things change quickly, so we are flexible and quickly respond to new challenges.


Alysia Solow