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CAAS offers strategic guidance, management consulting and customized training solutions for law enforcement, criminal justice agencies and security organizations globally at the urban, state and national level. We provide assistance implementing best practices and efficiencies in the police-prosecution relationship, data and management driven long-term crime reduction solutions and advice on effective crime prevention techniques for both juvenile and adult populations.

CAAS' broad experience with technology in crime fighting equips it to guide agencies in the best use of technology to achieve desired outcomes. CAAS also provides consulting, e-discovery services, and solutions for managing litigation and regulatory risk. Our professionals provide solutions that work for corporations, law firms, governmental agencies and associations.

Created, implemented, and achieved certification on a course on counter terrorism and intelligence led policing for law enforcement and security professionals.

Los Angeles

Consulted with LAPD on compliance and monitoring issues regarding a Federal Court Consent Decree; increasing the use of technology to improve efficiency and decrease costs; and a department-wide organizational re-structuring.

New York

President of Crime Commission, focused on improving criminal justice system of NYC and NYS.

New Jersey

Edited manual on intelligence led policing and wrote a statewide strategy paper for integrating and improving the delivery of analysis and information sharing across multiple state and local agencies.

Wash DC

Wrote comprehensive paper on the history and current best practices of law enforcement intelligence in the U.S. The paper was used by security professionals developing new approaches to counter insurgency warfare.

Gulf States

Trained intelligence analysts on integrating law enforcement and intelligence activities. Drafted a concept paper for establishing a critical infrastructure intelligence fusion center.


Teach monthly class on negotiations to U.S. government civilians serving on Provincial Reconstruction Teams.


Designed and implemented a week long workshop for security, policy and legal experts who studied ways to improve upon efforts to carry out national obligations arising under international counter terrorism law.


Consulted with Transport for London and the British Transport Police on organizational capacity and structure, the use of technology and operations. Also worked with these agencies, as well as the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service on a program to enhance the effectiveness of low-level prosecutions.


Retained by large corporation to build compliance and monitoring process.


Manage e-discovery project for major Japanese corporation in price-fixing investigation by the United States Department of Justice.


Provide e-discovery support for multi-national retail brand.


Provide e-discovery work for multi-national food and fuel service provider.


Provide e-discovery work for multi-national food and fuel service provider.


Provide e-discovery work for multi-national food and fuel service provider.


Retained to improve Compstat process of Detroit Police Department.


Consulted on issues related to Internal Affairs.


Project on quality of police stations and community policing.

Salvador, Brazil

Provided subject matter expertise on crime prevention and criminal justice to the Twelfth UN Congress.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Presented on public safety, corruption and drug and arms trafficking to Inter-American Development Bank Conference on Public Safety.

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Engaged by the Federal Police of Brazil to present on Policing and Criminal Justice Reforms and Best Practices

MANAUS, Brazil

Presented on Public Safety and Municipal Governments at the 1st SISAM,International Seminar for The Security of the Amazon

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