Our Clients are Our Credentials

E-Discovery and Risk Management

Managed Document Review

We provide high quality, cost-effective document review services at predictable prices.

How do we do this?

People: Our team of experienced project managers, technology specialists, contract attorneys, paralegals and translators are directed by our clients. All have been trained in the latest work flow processes and technologies and receive extensive case specific and privilege review training. Our professionals recognize the importance of providing our clients exceptional customer service and responsiveness. Our reviewers have the skills and experience that our clients require.

Process: Our teams are trained in the particulars of a case. They follow work flow processes that are standardized, but flexible to the needs of each case, and meet stringent quality control benchmarks. We pride ourselves in making sure our processes are repeatable and defensible.

Technology: Our processes can be adapted to a wide variety of document review technologies. We are experts in data analytics and technology assisted document review. We strongly believe that the effective use of technology provides our clients with a higher degree of accuracy and a more cost effective end-product than traditional document review. We employ the latest technology such as clustering, email threading, pattern and anomaly detection, and metadata analysis to accelerate the review and to quickly find key information to assist in commencing and defending your action. Our early case assessment capabilities help clients determine whether to pursue or seek early settlement of an action.

We work with our clients to provide them with a number of value added services such as:
  • First and second pass document review services
  • Processing and hosting data
  • Privilege review and privilege logging
  • Development of privilege filters
  • Confidentiality designations
  • Screening for personally identifiable information and other data privacy issues
  • Screening for data subject to non-disclosure agreements
  • Productions


Alysia Solow